Chakra and Ayurveda Essential Oil Blends

Seven Chakra and Ayurveda Dosha Blends Pitta, Vata and Kapha Essential Oil Blends.

Doshas are considered to be forces that create the physical body. They would determine conditions of growth, aging, health and disease. Typically, one of the three doshas predominates and is associated with a constitution or mind-body type. By evaluating individual habits, emotional responses, and body type, practitioners adapt their yoga practice accordingly. These are also used to diagnose Ayurvedic treatments focused on alleviating any doshic excesses (illness) using herbs, lifestyle changes and practices such as pranayama, meditation and yoga postures.

Symptoms are commonly associated with disorders in dosha, considered to throw the system off balance. For example, it is believed that with excess vata, there can be mental, nervous and digestive disorders, including low energy and weakening of all body tissues. Similarly, excess pitta is considered to mean that toxic blood gives rise to inflammation and infection. Excess of kapha is associated with an increase in mucus, weight, edema, and lung disease, etc. The key to managing all doshas is taking care of vata, that is taught to be the origin of the other two.


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