Vetiver Essential Oil Wild Crafted

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Vetiver Essential Oil Wild Crafted

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Botanical name Vetiveria zizanoides/Wild/Hydrodistilled/ Haiti

Vetiver oil, obtained from steam distillation of the roots, an excellent essential oil to use when one needs help maintaining emotional equilibriam. Vetiver is known to be both grounding and centering. 

Some say smelling Vetiver essential oil right from the bottle can soothe.

Use  in massage and can be helpful for overworked stiff muscles.
Known  to be helpful for skin care.

Good quality oil is viscous and dark brown in color with a full rich body.The Vetiver root has been used in folk magic for its ability to provide safety and increase financial resources. A ritual designed to promote personal safety calls for inhaling Vetiver while visualizing one's body as being sealed off from negative energies.Clears and strengthens aura.


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