Unboxing March Scent of the Month Aromatherapy Essential Oil Subscription Box

Spring is almost here! As we transition from Winter to Spring it's a great time to reflect on the past few months and set new intentions for the upcoming season. I hope that this month’s package will encourage you to focus on self-care and wellness.
Inside the March Aromatherapy Subscription Box you'll find:


Botanical name Citrus aurantifolia/Certified Organic/steam distilled/Sir Lanka
The distinct tart aroma of Lime essential oil is well known for its refreshing and invigorating qualities, making it a popular choice as a top note in aromatherapy blends. When diffused, Lime oil can help to stimulate the senses and create a bright and uplifting atmosphere.
Included are recipes for using Lime oil.


 The Orange Cedarwood Body Butter Souffle is a luxurious
and nourishing skincare product that effectively transforms
dry and cracked skin into soft smooth skin. Lightweight and
fast-absorbing, this body butter provides intense hydration
and nourishment to the skin. It is particularly effective in
treating cracked heels, which can be a common problem
for many people.

The Orange and Cedarwood essential oil blend provides a pleasant and uplifting aroma that can help to soothe and
relax the senses. The sweet and citrusy scent of orange is
balanced by the warm and woodsy aroma of cedarwood,
creating a harmonious and invigorating fragrance.

Ingredients: avocado butter, meadowfoam seed oil, sea buckthorn extract, green tea extract, arrowroot powder,
essential oil blend of orange and cedarwood *kosher certified Made in the USA

3. “Mojito" Mint & Lime Cocktail Inspired Botanical Soy Candle
This "Mojito" Mint & Lime Cocktail Inspired Botanical Soy Candle is a hand-poured soy candle that is infused with Mint and Lime essential oils, with notes of citrus. The clean white soy wax provides a neutral backdrop for the fragrance, which is accented with hand-dried Lime and botanicals. 2 oz.

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