Orange Organic Essential Oil
Orange Organic Essential Oil

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Orange Essential Oil Organic

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Botanical name Citrus sinensis/Organic/USA
Why choose Organic, unsprayed oils? When a crop is sprayed with insecticides, it is the rind of the orange that is coated with and absorbs the chemicals. Many of these chemicals carry through to the essential oils, and more are contained in cold pressed oils. The use of organic and non-sprayed cold pressed oils will eliminate the chemical residue completely. Cautions: Photosensitizing Do not use on skin before going out in sun or tanning booth

Aroma: Warm, fresh, sweet citrus, one of the happy scents and can be very calming, a great scent for a child's room, may be helpful for anxiety. A perfect kitchen air freshener, try in the car to help remove stale odors. Extracted through cold expression from the rind of the fruit. A Top note in perfumery

Children love the fragrance of Orange oil and parents will find it calming and relaxing for little ones. Use in the playroom or bedroom to help soothe and help to sleep.

Orange oil tells us not to take things so seriously. A scent that brings us joy and lightens our mood. When we are tense, stressed, nervous it brings happiness and laughter. It calms, relaxes and refreshes. It uplifts our mood and helps us feel more positive.

It is said to be helpful for sluggish digestion, poor circulation and cellulite. A diuretic, it stimulates the kidneys and bladder. A total body tonic, it is said to support tissue regeneration.

Orange oil blends well with spicy oils like Coriander and Cinnamon, also with Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and other citrus oils. The best oil comes from organically grown fruit as chemical pesticides are passed along through the cold pressing of the peel.

Cautions: Photosensitizing Do not use on skin before going out in sun or tanning booth


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