Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil Wildcrafted

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Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil Wildcrafted

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Botanical name Cedrus atlantica/ Morocco/ Wild

A fortifying and strengthening oil with a woody. sweet, balsamic, slightly camphoraceous odor. Cedrus means power. Helpful when dealing with feelings of uncertainty and fear. This oil is fortifying and strengthening, for immovable strength in times of crisis. To weather turbulent circumstances and make them in the end, productive. Blend this with Bergamot for it's uplifting antidepressive qualities. Anti-infectious and anti-bacterial, it balances, calms, promotes spirituality and courage, very grounding, a base note. A decongesting oil that promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates breakdown of accumulated fats .A mild diuretic, may be used for excessive weight gain, cellulite and fluid retention. Blend with Sandalwood for meditation.

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