Rosewood Essential Oil

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Rosewood Essential Oil

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Botanical name Aniba rosaeodora /Wildcrafted/Peru

A sustainable source has been hard to acquire but we have located a very fine Rosewood. Rosewood is also known as Bois de Rose. Contains about 70% linalool, which accounts for its sedative effect. A relaxant, balances central nervous system,
an immune stimulant. Choose Rosewood when you want an immune stimulating oil but not an energizing one like Tea Tree. Rosewood is gentle, said to be a very safe oil and a good oil for anyone with lowered immunity. It also may be helpful for chronic fatigue or colds, coughs, fever, infection. Said to be useful in skin care, safe and mild. May be helpful for acne, dry, sensitive, inflamed skin, dermatitis, scars, wrinkles, a cellular stimulant and tissue regenerator. May be helpful for jet lag. Blends well with Lavender, Marjoram and Bergamot. Try in a bath or massage oil.

Many people will not use Rosewood because they believe that harvesting the wood depletes the rain forest. The Brazilian government now requires that one new Rosewood tree be planted for every mature tree that is harvested,to protect the future of the rain forest. This oil is distilled from a plantation that follows these guidlines.