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ROAMA Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser

Introducing the ROAMA Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser

The ROAMA is WATERLESS and requires no water. This means no dilution of scent or weakening of therapeutic benefits. Disperses pure essential oil for a full aromatherapy experience.

The ROAMA is WIRELESS/PORTABLE. It has a built-in, rechargeable battery. Once charged, it can be taken anywhere for on-demand aromatherapy wherever you'd like. Make any space your own!

The ROAMA has 3 INTERMITTENT SPEEDS . It accommodates varying space sizes.

Designed for intimate spaces such as car, desk, yoga, home, nursery or hotel.

The ROAMA includes 2 USDA Organic Essential Oils.

The ROAMA is patent protected under US7878418B2

ROAMA Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser  Please click here for Pricing, More Information and to order.

  • Features
  • The ROAMA Diffuser has an LED lit touch button control panel on the top. When the power is on, and the unit is charged, the power and cycle indicator buttons will be BLUE.
  • There are three speeds for variable intensities.
  • Lowest Speed for smaller spaces
  • Medium Speed for more output
  • Highest Speed for larger, open areas

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