Pine Essential Oil Norway Red Wild Harvest

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Pine Essential Oil Norway Red Wild Harvest

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Botanical name Pinus resinosa, Wild harvest (USA) Steam distilled from the needles.
Pine, Norway Red essential oil is a colorless to pale yellow liquid displaying a soft, green, resinous bouquet with a delicate woody-balsamic undertone. Balsamic, Coniferous, Earthy, Fresh, Piney, Rich, Strong and Woody Pinus resinosa, known as red pine or Norway pine, is a pine native to North America. Norway pine essential oil makes an excellent tonic for boosting the immune system and can help support healthy adrenal function. Emotionally and energetically, Norway pine essential oil strengthens and rejuvenates. This essential oil increases strength and energy while also promoting a stronger self-image and identity.

Therapeutic Benefits include: Analgesic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-infectious, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-rheumatic, Anti-spasmodic, Decongestant, Expectorant, Immuno-stimulant, Rubefacient, Warming

Norway Red Pine will add a forest note to all your holiday blends. Blends well with other Evergreen essential oils, Citrus and Spice oils


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