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Peppermint Organic

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Botanical name Mentha piperita /India/ Certified Organic

Certified Organic Experience the best!

Fresh and Minty. A top note in perfumery. One of the most well known essential oils, peppermint is useful for inflammation, nausea, indigestion, fevers, flatulence, headaches, migraine, liver problems and arthritis. It is stimulating to the nervous system, cooling to the body for fevers or in hot weather. A strong digestive aid and breath freshener. Peppermint's strong antispasmodic action makes it useful in massage for sports injuries. It's anti-inflamnatory action helps sciatica, neuralgia, and arthritis. It's stimulating ability helps mental concentration and memory. It is very stimulating to the mind, relieves mental fatigue and depression. Cautions: Avoid in 1st trimester of pregnancy. Not for small children and babies. Peppermint can raise blood pressure so those of you with high blood pressure please avoid. May cause sleep disturbances if used in high concentrations. Use in low dilutions. Avoid when using Homeopathic remedies.