Lemon  Essential Oil Organic

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Lemon Essential Oil Organic

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Botanical name citrus limon /Organic/Argentina
No Chemicals or Pesticides used in growing

Golden gift of the sun,Improves concentration, energizes, carries solar vitality to the body, mind and soul. Great for anxiety and stress relief, an anti-depressant, helpful for Colds & Influenza as it fights germs and bacteria. A disinfectant; very refreshing.

Safety: Lemon oil is powerfully astringent and antiseptic. Because it can cause skin irritation if used by sensitive individuals in dilutions exceeding 5%, it should not be applied undiluted to skin. Five drops or less of lemon oil should be added to a teaspoon of a carrier oil. Lemon oil can contain up to two percent furanocoumarin compounds, including bergaptene. These compounds act as photosensitizing agents, which can increase the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet light, causing accelerated burning and skin damage. Don't use lemon oil on the skin in the presence of sunlight.