Lemon Basil  Essential Oil

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Lemon Basil Essential Oil

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Botanical name: Ocimum basilicum var.citriodorum
Species Ocimum citriodorum Part Leaf Method Steam Distillation Class Aldehyde Country USA

A very rare and somewhat hard to find essential oil.

I just love this Lemon Basil. It has a sweet lemon kissed aroma with the characteristic basil herbal notes but the body notes linger with a complex lemon-clean scent. .In addition to its culinary use, basil has a long history as a medicinal herb. The Greek physician Dioscorides prescribed basil for headache. Pliny thought it was an aphrodisiac; his contemporaries fed it to horses during the breeding season. In modern aromatherapy, basil is used to cheer the heart and mind. The sweet, energizing aroma seems to help relieve sorrow and melancholy. Great to use in your aroma lamp while working or reading, helps you concentrate and uplifts your mood. It is restorative, stimulant, and a nerve tonic. The various basils have such different scents because the herb has a number of different essential oils which come together in different proportions for various breeds.. The citrus scent of lemon basil and is due to the higher portion of citral which causes this effect in several plants, including lemon mint, and limonene, which gives actual lemon peel its scent. Avoid during pregnancy. Can irritate sensitive skin. Do not use for a prolonged period or in concentrations greater than 2%

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