gingergrass essential oil

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Gingergrass Essential Oil

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Botanical name Cymbopogon martinii var sofia/Non-sprayed-India

Gingergrass is said to be uplifting, purifying and a wonderful addition to blends created for supporting a balanced, grounded perspective of healthy well being. It is distilled from the aerial tops of the plant. Fresh and spicy with a sweet lemony note, gingergrass essential oil has a complex aroma that complements a wide variety of scents. It's zesty presence shines in warming massage blends for hardworking muscles and joints, especially for times when the body or spirit feels lethargic. Gingergrass brings inspiration and the motivation to achieve new goals. Our wildcrafted gingergrass essential oil is steam distilled from sustainably harvested grasses of wild gingergrass in India. Despite its name, it is not related to ginger, but comes from the same botanical family as lemongrass and palmarosa.

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