Frankincense Olibanum East African Blend
Frankincense Olibanum East African Blend

Valley of the Moon

Frankincense Olibanum East African Blend

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Made up mostly of Boswellia carterii from Somalia, if not for absolute and CO2, this blend would qualify as a select essential oil. Superior resin drops from various African species were used in this production. It is all natural and has no carriers. And although it is blended from different Olibanum distillations the chemistry is very similar to carterii. We are very proud to offer this in time for the Christmas season.

Frankincense is used to treat anxiety, stress and tension and is helpful for calming the mind, aiding the attainment of a meditative state. It may help to slow the breath rate, which is one of the signs of deep relaxation.
Its astringent properties make Frankincense helpful in clearing the respiratory channels affected by cold or flu. It also has tissue regeneration capabilities, so it is both helpful in decreasing fine lines and wrinkles on facial skin as well as healing scars and wounds. Frankincense also has pain-relieving properties.

Known to be anti-inflamnatory and wonderful for skin care, especially aging skin and scars. Rejuvenates and tones while softening wrinkles and stretch marks. Good for nervous tension,and stress relief.Relaxing in a massage with Lavender. As an expectorant helpful for bronchitis, coughs and other respiratory disorders. Regulates and deepens respiration.


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