Pure Joy Organic Essential Oil Blend


 Pure Joy Synergy Blend contains four potent essential oils famous for their relaxing, uplifting and euphoric effects. It can be used to create a happy atmosphere that inspires a playful, loving mood.

  • Helpful Increases joy, lightness & spontaneity

An uplifting yet relaxing blend with an aphrodisiac effect. Use it to create a happy atmosphere or to enhance a romantic occasion.

 Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender Extra and Pink Grapefruit

The ingredients of Pure Joy are Ylang Ylang Extra, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit and Lavender Essential Oils.

Ylang Ylang Extra is an extremely potent essential oil that benefits the heart and cardiovascular system, reducing blood pressure and creating a relaxed state of mind and body. This truly unencumbered state of being improves receptivity to enjoyment.

Ylang Ylang is considered the most aphrodisiac essential oil because when people use it, the tension and inhibitions that normally block a playful, loving mood are simply eliminated.

In this formula, the Pink Grapefruit tones down the aphrodisiac effect of Ylang Ylang, bringing out more of its euphoric effects. Pink Grapefruit has a playful, cheerful effect on the emotions and is often recommended for reducing depression as well.

Bergamot is one of the most emotionally uplifting citrus essential oils. It is the trademark ingredient that gives Earl Grey tea its appetizing, euphoric aroma. The universally appealing scent of Bergamot helps to counteract depression and maintain positive energy levels.

The famously calming essential oil of Lavender can help dissolve negative thoughts and worries in an overactive mind. It reduces tension in mind and body and helps stabilize the emotions. Lavender Oil is great for leaving any stresses from work behind at the end of the day so you can fully be present for enjoying the evening.

Together these four essential oils synergize in Pure Joy to create an uplifting, relaxing blend. Pure Joy can be enjoyed in the bath, in massage oil and diluted topically to enhance special romantic occasions, or it simply can be diffused to create a happy atmosphere.

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