Clementine essential oil

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Clementine Essential Oil

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Botanical name Botanical name: Citrus reticulata/Organic/Italy

A top to middle note. Like a breath of fresh air, Clementine adds zest to your day. From ancient times Clementines have been called the crown jewels of the mandarin family. The clergyman Pierre Clement crossed a mandarin and an orange and this lucky crossing was a seedless mandarin with a looser skin, thus easier to peel. .Clementine calms the mind and is helpful for anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia and restlessness. Aids water retention (increases urine flow), increases lymphatic circulation, aids detoxification. May be helpful for cellulite, stretch marks, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, PMS, digestion and hiccups.CAUTION: Photosensitive Do not use on the body before sun exposure.