Birch  Sweet True Essential Oil

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Birch Sweet (True) Essential Oil

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Botanical name Betula alleghaniensis/Canada
Distilled totally from wild harvested Birch.

True Birch distilled totally from wild harvested birch.Believed to be the only authentic birch oil produced on the market today. Quite a bit more complex than the typical commercial "birch oil" on the market and has a nice light green color to it. The quality of this oil is quite amazing.

As most of you are aware their is relatively little genuine sweet birch essential oil being produced nowadays. It used to be a significant industry in the USA and parts of Europe but over time the industry has slowly died out . If any of you have access to Ernest Guenther's six volume classic-Essential Oils then you will find an indepth description of how Sweet Birch essential oil is distilled. The very techniques he describes therein are still employed by the distiller in New York who is preserving this tradition. The description of the sweet birch distillation is found in Volume 6-pages 11-15 of Essential Oil/Ernest Guenther. The main component of Yellow Sweet Birch oil is methyl salicyclate which comprises over 98% of the oil and since this chemical can produced synthetically for very little cost, it is why it has come to replace the sweet birch oil. It is the many trace components that contribute to the unique vibrant odor of true birch essential oil.

Used in massage oils for muscular aches and pains. Do not use undiluted on the skin! Anelgisic, increases urine flow, eases simple water retention. Invigorating, refreshing.
Avoid when pregnant, nursing and with babies and childre,Skin irritan

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