Bergamot Organic Essential Oil

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Bergamot Organic Essential Oil

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Botanical name Citrus aur. bergamia/Certified Organic/Italy
Bergamot Oil. We found that Bergamot Oil from Calabria, Italy, is far superior to that from the Ivory Coast. We therefore offers only Calabrian oil. A top note in aromatherapy this oil is cheerful and uplifting, often used in clinics in Europe to treat depression.Bergamot is second only to Lavender in it's ability to relax brain waves when sniffed.Cooling, refreshing, an anti-depresssant. Calming,helps insomnia, regulates the nervous system, helpful for anxiety and stress relief. Balancing, regulates mood swings. Helpful for nervous indigestion and loss of appetite due to emotional stress.

Safety Precautions: Caution:Photosensitive, Like some other citrus fruits, Bergamot contains a chemical compound called furo-coumarinand as such is deeply relaxing . As long as you can ensure that you or your client will not be exposed to sunlight for 12 hours after application, the original Bergamot Oil, not the bergaptene-free, is the oil of choice. However, if in doubt, stay with the bergaptene-free oil. The photo-sensitization can range from severe burns to long-term darkening of the skin. Even UV and infrared treatment can do this after Bergamot Oil is applied


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