Allergy Easer Roll On Relief Blend

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  • ALLERGY RELIEF: May help control hay fever and other allergic reactions, including skin irritations; It may also relieve over,sensitivity of the nervous system. If you suffer from allergies that can sometimes get in the way of fun activities where allergens are present, or if you avoid going to certain places where you fear the air quality is bad, this potent Roll-On belongs in your purse or pocket
  • EFFECTIVE: The Roll-On Relief line was designed to put the healing potential of essential oils in a user,friendly applicator; To relieve symptoms, simply take out this pocket,sized bottle and Roll-On Relief at the area of discomfort; The essential oil synergies start working immediately; 30ml (1 Fluid Ounce)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Allergy Easer Roll-On Relief includes a synergistic blend of premium quality USDA Certified Organic essential oils including Moroccan Blue Chamomile, Amni Visnaga, Lavender, Palmarosa and Hyssop
  • EASY TO USE: Enjoy the freedom that comes from having a secret weapon for allergies on hand. Increase your confidence to enjoy the great outdoors with the most soothing essential oils in a pre-diluted ready for application mixture that gives you instant support and relief any time allergens are present.

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