Sweet Marjoram essential oil for comfort and contentment

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Sweet Marjoram essential oil is known to both strengthen and relax. Calming to the mind and balancing to the nervous system. may be helpful when te...

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February is Love Month for Aromatherapy Lovers
AromaThyme News


Love is in the Air as Valentine's Day arrives in February, sometimes the coldest part of the Winter.The day became associated with romantic love in...

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Palmarosa Essential Oil
Aromatherapy Tip Of The Day

Palmarosa Essential Oil

The scent of Palmarosa is citrus and rosy and often used as a replacement for more expensive Rose oil. Associated with the planet Venus it's magica...

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How to create a beard oil
Aromatherapy Recipes

How To Create A Beard Oil

To create a small bottle of your beard blend, start by selecting a small number of oils to combine, such as 2-3 Essential Oils, and 1-2 Carrier Oil...

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