Aromatherapy 101 How to Use

Getting Started On Your Aromatic Journey

 Some of you have asked how to get started using essential oils. Which essential oils should you have on hand? Well, there are many aromatherapy oils to choose from, over 100 are readily available. You do not have to purchase all of them to get started. I suggest you start with a basic kit that contains some of the more common oils then add some of your favorites. Purchase small quantities and experiment with blending different oils together. Purchase one or two good books on aromatherapy to guide you. Take a class. Many are offered at health food stores, adult education classes and aromatherapy boutiques. Some of the oils to have on hand are:

Lavender: known to be calming, used for insomnia. General first aid, burns, bites. Use in baths (wonderful), massage, perfumes, inhalation.

Tea Tree: Antibacterial, Antiviral and Anti fungal use for cuts, bites, dandruff, athletes foot. A first aid must. A drop may be used neat.

Eucalyptus: A must have for this time of year. Diffuse daily to kill cold germs in the air. Use for colds, sinus congestion, Use in diffuser, inhalation and massage peppermint: Aids headaches, a digestive aid, pain killer, travel sickness. Use in massage, compress, diffuser, inhalant .

 Orange: Think happy! Another basic essential oil. Calming, yet uplifting, blends well with the other citrus oils and Lavender.

Lemon: Great for cleaning. Fights germs and bacteria. Another refreshing citrus scent. Helps concentration.

Peppermint: Energizes, great when driving a long trip. Reduces nausea and headache. Improves digestion.

Well this should get you started on your aromatic journey.

More Questions?