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Scent of the Month Club

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AromaThyme announces a new aromatherapy gift club

Scent of the Month Club

The newest aromatherapy gift scent-sation hitting the nation is Aroma Thyme's Scent of the Month Club. In response to the surge of interest in Aromatherapy, AromaThyme.com has created the perfect way to introduce essential oils of the highest quality along with True Aromatherapy bath and body treatments, candles, soaps and more. What sets this club apart from others is education. Owner Deborah Harlan, a holistic bodyworker trained in aromatherapy, believes in educating the consumer. I wanted to offer unique, high quality, natural products to allow our members to experience true aromatherapy. Each month's shipment comes complete with instructions, suggested uses and recipes. We are always available to answer questions about our products

ScentoftheMonthClub.com AromaThyme.com 6682 Oakmont Dr. Santa Rosa, CA 95409 1-888-AROMA-99 888-276-6299 707-276-6299 email: debbie@aromathyme.com

For Immediate Release: January 1, 1997
Contact: Deborah Harlan Aroma Thyme Scent of the Month Club

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