Dr. Gingers Orange Twist Hand Sanitizer 2 oz Spray

Dr. Ginger's

Dr. Gingers Orange Twist Hand Sanitizer 2 oz Spray

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 A hand sanitizer packing 75% isopropyl alcohol, organic lemon and orange peel, and coconut oil. Not only does it destroy bacteria, germs, and viruses, but it leaves your hands feeling moisturized and smelling great.

 Keep it in your bag, in the console of your car, at your desk, or wherever life may find you. With 75% Isopropyl Alcohol, Dr. Ginger's Hand Sanitizer comes in at 15% higher than the CDC's recommended minimum level (60%) to deliver that extra punch to germs and bacteria. We didn't stop there; our formula contains organic orange and lemon peel to ensure your hands smell good, too. Oh, and it wouldn't be a Dr. Ginger's product without a touch of coconut oil. We've added some into each bottle to make sure that stopping bacteria doesn't have to mean drying out your skin. Also available in an 8 oz. refill.

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