Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches With Essential Oil Blends


Aromatherapy Patches made with essential oil blends.  Each patch contains a blend of several essential oils created to achieve a specific effect.

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  • Clove Bud – Warming, a muscle relaxant.
  • Sweet Birch – Believed to soothe minor muscle aches, invigorating.
  • Rosemary – Relieving from tired overworked muscles, may help improve circulation.
  • Black Pepper – Useful for muscular stiffness, good to use before exercising.
  • Coriander – Warming, helps alleviate muscular spasms.
  • Cypress – Helps ease muscular cramps and increase circulation.
  • Marjoram – Helps with painful or stiff muscles, relaxing.


  • Orange - Helps chase away tension and stress and encourages a positive outlook.
  • Lavender – Helps soothe tension allowing for quieting the mind.
  • Clary Sage – Its warming and relaxing properties help slow a racing mind.
  • Geranium – Has a grounding effect that helps ease nervous tension.
  • Vetiver – Reputed to be great for calming stress and tension.
  • Roman Chamomile - Helps promote peace and quell feelings of tension and anger.


  • Basil – Often used for sinus congestion and other related issues, uplifting, may help with mental alertness and inspire confidence.
  • Niaouli - Energizing, reviving, often used for sinus congestion and other related issues.
  • Eucalyptus – Helps open nasal passageways and ease mucus and inflamed membranes.
  • Pine – Helps ease breathlessness and clear sinuses, mentally refreshing.
  • Rosemary – Said to be a tonic for the lungs helping with breathing issues.
  • Lavender – Beneficial to the respiratory system, relaxing, calming, restorative.
  • Cedarwood – Its expectorant properties help ease respiratory conditions.


  • Mandarin - Relaxing, peaceful, calming, helps promote restful sleep.
  • Marjoram - Comforting, deeply relaxing, fortifying, and warming.
  • Lavender - Soothing, calming, balancing, well known to promote relaxation and restful sleep.
  • Ylang Ylang - Emotionally uplifting, may help ease stress and anxiety as well as feelings of anger.
  • Vetiver - Deeply relaxing, grounding, meditative, used traditionally as a sleep aid and to restore emotional balance.


  • Spearmint – traditionally used for digestive issues and mental focus.
  • Ginger – can help relieve jet lag, motion sickness, and nausea.
  • Lemon – helps improve digestive functioning, uplifting, and energizing. 
  • Cedarwood – calms nervous tension helping to relax the digestive system

Easy to Use. Oil patches work by inhalation, meaning you need to be able to smell the scent therefore placing the patch on a piece of clothing near your neck is best. The hydrogel adhesive is hypoallergenic.  A proprietary foil-backed lamination is used to provide an occlusive barrier that prevents any essential oil from being absorbed through the skin. Effective for about 8 hours.

Directions for use:  Remove patch from foil pouch.  Remove the clear plastic liner and apply patch to upper chest (can be applied to skin or clothing).  Peel off the top cover at the tab to activate the aroma.  Effective for 8+ hours.

The hydrogel adhesive is hypoallergenic.  A proprietary foil-backed lamination is used to provide an occlusive barrier that prevents any essential oil from being absorbed through the skin.

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