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Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers

There is absolutely no better way to use essential oils therapeutically than to place them in a nebulizing diffuser. This device produces a barely visible stream of micronized essential oil droplets, so tiny they almost look like smoke coming out of it. The electric nebulizer type diffuser forces air into the essential oils (via an air pump) and then out a nubulizing piece that is designed to make the essential oil particles very very minute ... almost invisible. Basically the "nebulizers" have three parts, a pump, the glass and the tubing/cork.The pump is a unit powered by electricity. They also have a glass which sits on top of the base. They all pump up very small amounts of essential oils which are then forced through the glass, bouncing and slapping off its walls as it goes through the twists and turns of the glass. This breaks up the drops of oils into minute droplets which are pushed into the air. Essential oils diffused in this way are whole although in tiny droplets.

The tiny aromatic bits of essential oil can then attach themselves readily to the molecules in the air ... you breathe in the air ... and hence the effect. They will also fill up a room with frangrance in almost seconds! The nebulizer diffusor will saturate the air if run long enough for the room size and will guarantee that the EOs are breathed in. This is important for respiratory problems because the topical antimicrobial effects of the EOs in the nose and breathing passages are needed. This situation also increases the chances of mucus membrane absorption. When it comes to treating coughs, colds or just conjestion they are superior.

It is not recommended to run Nebulising Diffusers continually except in very airy or open conditions. In fact the thinnest of dispersions will give the best results. Nebulising Diffusers are best used in short 15 minute bursts at, say, two hour intervals. A timer is useful because we get used to the smells around us after a few minutes (about 20 or 30). The timer allows for diffusion ... a rest period and then diffusion again (not to mention that it is just a lot more convenient than turning it off and on). Remember that long-term exposure and the accompaning lack of awareness of the aroma does not mean it is not having an effect. Long term exposure can also lead to negative effects of the essential oils....sometimes the opposite of what they were originally being used. Less is better, both in time and exposure.

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