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Natural Baby Care

This page is devoted entirely to natural baby care and aromatherapy products for little ones. We have found that children suffer from many of the same things as adults. They're cranky, can't settle down and experience aches and pain, cuts and scrapes etc. As parents, we try to offer the best care we can and we think essential oils offer just that.

Be sure to visit our Tips for Kids where you'll find many useful aromatherapy recipes for children.

Essential oil use

  • Children respond very well to LOW Dosages of essential oils especially for anger and irritability.
  • Use 1/3 the adult dose.
    When using essential oils with children, please remember their skin is very delicate.
  • When adding e/o's to a bath be sure to blend the correct # of drops with about 16 oz of water, shake well, then add this mixture to the bath water. Use only those oils safe for children.
    A few are Lavender, Geranium and Rose.
  • Use 1/2 the usual amount.Children's Dosages Use half the usual dosage when diffusing essential oils in a child's room.
  • Use a lower dosage, 50% or 1/2 the recommended amount if pregnant or breastfeeding, with children or the elderly.
    The number of drops of essential oils used should vary in direct proportion to body weight, taking into account the age of the person as well as mental and physical health. The very old should use the same number of drops as children and
  • babies half the amount of children.
  • Be sure to keep all bottles of essential oils away from children.

  • Aromatherapy for Babies, Infants and Children
    Natural Baby Products

    Night Night Balm

    A new sleep tight balm for kids. Night-Night Balm is made to help ease younger minds into the magical realm of the sleep world. For this special kid-friendly formula, we chose essential oils that are known to be good for children and are also known to promote feelings of safety, cheerfulness, reverence and calm. Chamomile helps children to calm down and unwind from nighttime activities. Lavender helps children to relax and feel soothed, while Sandalwood instlls a feeling of reverence. Mandarin & Spearmint help kids feel safe and uplifted. Rub a little onto temples, neck, lips, wrists or anywhere that will help to diffuse the wonderful aroma into the air around the child. Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Beeswax, Organic Castor Bean Oil, Organic Aloe Extract, Essential Oils of Lavender, Sandalwood, Mandarin, Spearmint, and Organic Chamomile

    Night Night Balm
    $5.50 Qty

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    Aromatherapy Tip

    A tip to use with babies and small children.
    A reminder of the power of essential oils and how they work. To introduce aromatherapy to babies place 2 drops of essential oil (try Lavender) on a tissue and keep it nearby when you are feeding him or her. He will come to associate the aroma with love and comfort. Use this scent at night to help him sleep. When you leave the child with a sitter the aroma will comfort and reassure him. Click here for more tips on how to use essential oils with babies and children

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    Happy Trails Natural Insect Repellent

    100% natural with essential oils of Catnip, Lemongrass, Citronella, Clove and patchouli

    DEET free Use with confidence Safe for children and animals Paraben free Cruelty free This all natural spray can be used on body and on washable clothing. Mother Nature's survival kit in a bottle! Available in 60ml

    Happy Trails
    $5.00 Qty

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    Chamomile Roman

    Botanical name Anthemis nobilis L./ USA/ Certified Organic
    A most beautiful oil! The "Roman Chamomile" from England. This is one of the nicest Chamomiles I've experienced.

    Especially safe for children. Helpful for teething pains, temper tantrums, crying, distress, hyperactivity, digestive problems, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, thrush, colic, earache, headache. insect bites, inflamed skin, eczema, sunburn, diaper rash. Dilute for use on the skin!

    Calming and Soothing A wonderful relaxant, eases anxiety, tension, anger and fear. A mild sedative, Use for insomnia. An antidepressant, relieves moodiness. gives patience. A very versatile oil., helpful for cramps, pms, induces menstruation, regulates cycle, menopausal symptoms Soothes stomach upsets, helps irritable bowel, Avoid in early months of pregnancy.

    Chamomile Roman
    2 ml $15.00 Qty
    Chamomile Roman
    5 ml $29.00 Qty

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    Eucalyptus Smithi

    Botanical name Eucalyptus smithi // W/Australia

    This is the mildest of the eucalyptus, safe for children and the elderly. Eucalyptus Smithi is the only Eucalyptus essential oil that should be used on children. Eucalyptus Globulus which is the most common is usually rectified and is not suitable for children. A top note in aromatherapy, this oil is said to be helpful for chest infections, to facilitate breathing. Can be used as a preventative as it effects the entire respiratory system and immune system. It is also an effective analgesic and is one of the best oils for sore muscles and joints. Used in a diffuser, Eucalyptus Smithi makes a good room disinfectant.

    Eucalyptus Smithi
    10 ml $7.00 Qty

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    Botanical name Lavendula angustifolia / Bulgarian Super
    The most gentile and versatile oil,a must for every first-aid kit.
    calms your little ones anxiety and restlessness, for insomnia and nervous tension, relaxing. helps heal bruises, cleanse scrapes, cuts,and insect bites.Helps heal burns Used in skin care,for blemishes, rashes, sunburn, Truly the Universal Oil.
    Lavender Bulgarian
    10 ml $9.50 Qty

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    Botanical name citrus reticulata / ORG/Italy
    Similar to Tangerine Excellent for the elderly and children Very gentle.
    Top to Middle Note. Calming, helpful for anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, restlessness.
    Aids water retention, cellulite, lymphatic circulation, detoxification.
    Helpful for stretch marks, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, PMS, digestion and hiccups.
    A photosensitive oil. Do not use on the skin 1 hour prior to sun exposure.
    10 ml $6.00 Qty

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    Botanical name Citrus sinensis/ Certified Organic/ USA
    Aroma: Warm, fresh, sweet citrus A happy scent, very calming, a great scent for a child's room, helpful for anxiety. A perfect kitchen air freshener, try in the car to remove stale odors. Extracted through cold expression from the rind of the fruit. A Top note in perfumery

    Children love the fragrance of Orange oil and parents will find it calming and relaxing for little ones. Use in the playroom or bedroom to soothe and help to sleep.

    Orange oil tells us not to take things so seriously. It brings us joy and lightens our mood. When we are tense, stressed, nervous it brings happiness and laughter. It calms, relaxes and refreshes. It uplifts our mood and helps us feel more positive.

    The best oil comes from organically grown fruit as chemical pesticides are passed along through the cold pressing of the peel.

    Cautions: Photosensitizing Do not use on skin before going out in sun or tanning booth

    Organic Orange
    10 ml 6.00 Qty

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    Base Spray

    Our all natural water soluble Base Spray facilitates the use of Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends as a room spray / air freshener. Place 30-50 drops of Essential Oil or Essential Oil Blend into the Base Spray. Shake well and spray your environment (home, office, car etc). A natural way to cleanse the air of germs and disinfect.

    Base Spray
    $3.95 Qty

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    Aroma Stream Diffuser On Sale

    A clean, safe effective way of diffusing pure essential oils. 
    A stream of air diffuses the oils, ensuring the purity of the fragrance.
     Can be left unattended while you sleep. Ideal for use in a child's room.
     Suitable for the home or office. Save $5,00

    Aroma Stream
    $70.00 Qty

    Aroma Stream Replacement Cartridge
    $8.00 Qty

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