Blood Orange Organic Essential Oil

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Blood Orange Organic Essential Oil

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Botanical name Citrus aurantium/Organic/Italy

Blood Oranges with their deep red interior color, have a rich orange flavor with undertones of fresh berries.
This is one of the most exquisite scents that can melt away tension with a single whiff. Uplifting and refreshing with a delicious citrus bouquet.
A top note in aromatherapy the Blood Orange is cold pressed from the peel/rind of the fruit. It helps to reduce tension, anxiety and inspires open communication. It is said to balance the throat chakra and allows us to ask ourselves and others for what we want.
It may also benefit the heart chakra as it can help release pain and allow room for love to flow in and out. It may also be used to treat shock, depression and stress. Used in massage it is a effective detoxifier and purifier.

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