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Basil Holy Essential Oil

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Botanical name Ocimum sanctum (ocimum gratissimum-Eugenol type) Wildcrafted, India, Flowers and leaves

The sweet, herbaceous, light scent of Basil is distilled from the flowering tops and leaves of the herb native to tropical Asia. This basil is quite different, not as pungent as the other two, but rather sweet, spicy and round, with notes that are even reminiscent of Clove/Cocoa.

Basil has been used as a sacred herb in India and Europe for many centuries. It was said to strengthen faith, compassion and mental clarity.It is planted around doorways to keep evil spirits away. It is also commonly planted around temples. The botanical name “Ocimum” may come from the Greek “to smell”.

More recent clinical experience shows that Basil increases blood flow to the brain, relieving mental fatigue, enhancing clear thinking and improving memory. Basil also connects the thought process with speech, enhancing self-expression.

How to use it: Apply a few drops to a tissue and inhale or add to a diffuser. This is great to wake up and get your brain cells going. Basil clears the sinuses, promotes digestion and stimulates circulation, especially in the respiratory system.
Properties - warm, stimulating, antiseptic, digestive, an insecticide.
Blends well with - Eucalyptus, Juniper, Lemon, Neroli, Rosemary and is a top note.

Precautions - because it can stimulate bleeding, it should not be used for massage or bath during pregnancy. Basil can be a skin irritant. tic, antineuralgic,a general stimulant. Avoid during pregnancy.