carrot seed essential oil

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil

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Botanical name Daucus carota / Ethically farmed/ seed/France

Wonderful for skin care especially dry, mature, aging skin. Stimulates cell renewal and sebaceous gland activity in the skin. A rejuvenating oil it protects the skin from damage due to extreme weather conditions. Skin care: blend with Frankincense, Rosewood and or Lavender.
A woodsy, earthy scent, slightly pungent, dry, woody-rooty odor provides a nice base upon which the top note sits, The woody note has something in common with some of the rich precious notes found in sandalwood. The earthy note has something in common with the odor one detects when smelling rain falling on dry soil. It (the earthy note) is slightly sharp. The combination of the woody-earthy note is very tenacious. Deep into the dry out one can also detect a peppery note which causes the olfactory receptors to pleasantly tingle . Perfume Uses: blends well with citrus oils, costus, cassie and mimosa, fougeres, chypres, geranium, cedarwood.

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