Bay Laurel Essential Oil

Valley of the Moon

Bay Laurel (Laurel Leaf)

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Botanical name Laurus nobilis/Wild/Steam distilled/Crete

Spicy, sweet, fresh, balsamic scent. Bay Laurel is an ancient oil dating back to the Greeks and Romans. It is said to be an herb of protection against lightning, evil and disease. Gentle but strengthening. It also has been said that it aids in the ability to uplift the mind. Like Rosemary, it may be used for poor concentration and lack of memory. It is also said to help with self esteem, stimulating confidence, inspiration and creativity.
Be sure to dilute for use on the skin. Anti-infectious, antiseptic, antineuralgic, a general stimulant. Anti-bacterial, may be helpful for cold and flu blends as in a chest rub massage blend. It it said to avoid during pregnancy.

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