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Aromatherapy for Your Business

Environmental Fragrancing refers to the scenting of a home or workplace with various fragrances designed to enhance energy, reduce anxiety, or otherwise alter moods. We offer a variety of electric diffusers and essential oil blends, to help you achieve your goals.

We suggest diffusing these exceptional aromatherapy synergy blends to enhance the atmosphere, mood and productivity in your office.

Utilizing pure aroma through environmental fragrancing is the most subtle, cost-effective, and efficient way to: • Create a positive and memorable experience for clients, guests, and employees. This experience will lead to client compliance, revisits, referrals, and employee longevity. • Create a “comfort zone” by relieving anxiety for patients and clients with Comforting and Calming blends. • Enhance work performance, mainly accuracy and efficiency with the Energizing blend. • Enhance focus and energy with Concentration & Focus and Energizing blends. • Reduce general stress with Calming and Balancing blends. • Uplift the moods of team members, clients, and guests with Cheerful & Uplifting and Refreshing blends. • Counteract unpleasant or stale smells with Cleansing and Refreshing & Purifying blends
How a Nebulizing Diffuser works click here

What's New and On Sale!!

Aroma Thyme Electric Nebulizing Diffusers

Professional Model
Top Load Diffuser

Professional Top Load Cold Air Diffuser ,

Covers 1500 sq. ft.

With Free Shipping!

Room Model Electric Diffuser

  • A glass nebulizer with 3 corks and 2 tubings in a protective box Pictured below

    Room Model covers 300 sq ft.

  • NEW

    Professional Top Load Cold Air Diffuser

    Aroma Thyme introduces to consumers and therapists superior quality and greater value with an amazing new series of pumps that are 3-4 times more efficient, more quiet, more versatile and more attractive than any previous models ever to utilize a glass nebulizer. We have selected from air pump manufacturers the world over the very best models based on low noise level, versatility, efficiency of diffusion and aesthetic value. All of our pumps have a microdispersion so gentle and efficient they have to be seen to be believed. Tests have shown that the pumps diffuse essential oil at a rate of 300-400% less than our competitors’ models. Not only does this mean you have a very low maintenance appliance, but this results in your saving 3 or 4 times the oil you are currently using with other models. For example, each of our models will utilize no more than a 5 ml fill even if it is used all day and all night, non-stop. Never overuse or waste essential oil again!

    Do you think efficiency of not wasting precious and costly essential oil is our most valuable asset? How about convenience and the flexibility to program your diffuser to function only when you want it to? With our easy to set manual clock programmable timer, you are able to set your diffuser to function when you want it to fit your daily routine, scheduling it easily for leisure or work activity. Did you know that 15 minutes every hour or two are all that you need to get the full therapeutic benefit and enjoyment from a nebulizer diffuser? With our models you can now program your diffuser to the desired saturation levels you want without having to do anything more than program the easily adjusted manual clock timer switches to any combination. And that’s not all!


    Room Model Diffuser (covers 300 sq ft)
    $49.95 Qty

    Professional Top Load Diffuser(covers 1500 sq ft)
    $95.00 Qty

    Hummingbird Style Nebulizer Kits
    $19.00 Qty

    Top Load Extra Glass
    $25.95 Qty

    Timer (30 min)
    $6.95 Qty

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    Aroma Stream Diffuser

    A clean, safe effective way of diffusing pure essential oils. 
    A stream of air diffuses the oils, ensuring the purity of the fragrance.
     Can be left unattended while you sleep. Ideal for use in a child's room.
     Suitable for the home or office. Free Shipping Manufactured in the UK

    Aroma Stream
    $70.00 Qty

    Aroma Stream Replacement Cartridge
    $5.00 Qty

    Fan Fuser Electric Diffuser

    Similar to the Aroma Stream, maybe a little smaller but just as effective.

    A clean, safe effective way of diffusing pure essential oils. 
    A stream of air diffuses the oils, ensuring the purity of the fragrance.
     Can be left unattended while you sleep. Ideal for use in a child's room.
     Suitable for the home or office. Manufactured in China

    Fan Fuser
    $45.00 Qty
    Fan Fuser Cartidge
    $5.00 Qty
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    Aroma Stone Electric Diffuser

    On Sale

    Cobalt Blue

    Very easy to use. A clean, safe effective way of vaporising pure essential oils.
    Simply drop essential oils on the ceramic stone. A gentle heat diffuses the oils into the air.
    Save $5.00

    Aroma Stone
    $64.00 Qty

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