Ylang Ylang "Flower of Flowers"


Sweet, Floral, Soft and Exotic

Botanical name Cananga Odorata Organic from Madagascar

Ylang Ylang is known as "The Flower of Flowers"and is associated with the planet Venus. It's Magical Influences are Peace, Sex and Love.

When you think of Ylang Ylang you may think of it's aphrodisiac properties but it is also excellent medicine for stress related conditions. Calming and soothing for those with troubled minds.

Ylang Ylang is a soothing scent. Wear or inhale it's aroma before stressful situations like a job interview. Breathe in it's soothing energies and visualize them doing their work.

It's fragrance calms anger and all negative emotional states, transforming such energy into more positive transformations.

There are five grades of quality and the best known is Ylang Ylang Extra which is taken from the first hour of steam distillation of the flowers.

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