Jasmine Absolute "Queen of the Night"

Botanical name Jasminum sambac/India
"Queen of the Night"

As the essence of Jasmin sambac unfolds it reveals a sultry exotic warmth. The buds, in fact, open around 11 PM and the fullness of the odor permeates the atmosphere in darkest hours of the night. The opening notes of Jasmine Sambac are heavy and sweet with a richness and depth that immediately draw one into the realm of profound mystery. Jasmine is euphoric, an antidepressant and aphrodisiac. Jasmine is known to be very sensual and romantic. Jasmine is warmly reassuring, bolsters confidence and optimism. It uplifts moods. Helpful for anxiety, fear and panic. Use in massage , bath or inhalation. Blended with a carrier oil it makes a superior facial oil.