Helichrysum Essential Oil Profile How To Use

Helichrysum Certified Organic

How to Use Helichrysum

Botanical name Helichrysum italicum

More anti-inflammatory than German Chamomile, more tissue regenerating than Lavender, more cicatrisant (helping the formation of scar tissue) than Frankincense.
This evergreen aromatic herb grows up to 60 cm (24 in) and is also called Italian Everlastings or Immortelle.
Along with Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, and Rose, Helichrysum ranks as one of the most ancient and valuable healing substances.

Helichrysum oil heals physical and emotional scarring, opens the heart, connects body and spirit, and opens human beings to spiritual life.

Helichrysum Essential Oil is probably best known for skin care, especially Wounds and scar tissue - Helichrysum is the oil of choice for healing scar tissue, whether from a recent wound, operation, or tissue that has been scarred for years. It stops bleeding, helps a scab to form and tissue to repair itself. It can be added to a carrier oil and applied to stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars, and wounds of all kinds.

Helichrysum is also very effective for joint pain associated with Rheumatoid arthritis.

It is anti-inflammatory with pain reducing and analgesic effects. Use in a massage oil with other pain relieving oils like Lavender and Yarrow which is also anti-inflammatory.

Bruises, sprains, and twisted ankles
Here's why this essential oil works so well. 50% of Helichrysum italicum is made up of anti-inflammatory Sesquiterpenes, another 40% is made up of Esters which have a marked relaxing effect on tissues- relieving tension in injured areas and allowing natural perfusion to take place. The third major component is a di-ketone, which signals tissues to regenerate. The di-ketones are rare and Helichrysum contains the highest know percentage. For best results apply right away after an acute injury.
Be sure to seek proper medical attention and discuss the use of this therapy with your doctor.

Skin care products - Add Helichrysm to skin care products for its skin-rejuvenating properties. It also has remarkable effects on sensitive and inflamed skin.
Said to clear the body of Candida apparently, which often thrives when vitality is low. Since it gives such a boost to the immune system, will therefore help to keep such allergies and infections at bay.

Also said to regulate blood pressure.

Healing of emotional scarring - Add to a blend for diseases where there is an emotional etiology, particularly addictions and heart disease. Use in counseling to bring to the surface feelings that have been denied.

Addictions - This oil helps one detox from alcohol, drugs, and nicotine, releasing the body and mind from addictive patterns. Make a blend to diffuse or to rub on the heart area.

Coronary complaints & phlebitis - Helichrysum opens the flow of subtle heart energies. Rub a blend on the heart area. Its anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties also help repair swollen or weak veins.

Spiritual growth - Helichrysum's ability to heal emotional scarring, enhance the flow of subtle heart energy, and connect the body with spirit makes it an invaluable aid for spiritual growth.

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