Snakes and essential oils

Just in case you plan on hiking this might be a handy tip.
Research has shown that cinnamon oil, clove oil, and eugenol are
effective snake repellents. Snakes will retreat when sprayed
directly with these oils and will exit cargo or other confined
spaces when these oils are introduced to the area.
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No Bugs Picnic

Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dads out there!

This is a great tip! Give it a try if you’re heading out for a hike or picnic.

For a safe alternative to potentially harmful insecticides, place
three drops of peppermint, citronella, or eucalyptus essential oil on
your socks. Mosquitoes and other bugs hate the smell of these oils.
Don’t apply essential oils to your favorite socks, as they can
stain. Some eo’s may cause skin irritation, so avoid direct
contact. Reapply the eo every two to three hours.

Lavindin or Lavender essential oil

Today’s Tip

I just read this from an Ayurveda list I’m on.

Lavindin or Lavender essential oil, an anti-histamine for allergies which reside in the liver, cuts through cholesterol hormones that are stagnant in the liver. It is bitter for cutting through fats and unprocessed food. They recommend this recipe but I suggest diluting with a little carrier oil before using on the skin. Let me know what you think.
10 drops on the liver ~ AM & PM daily
Place in palm and rub onto right side at rib cage
Transdermal, goes directly into bloodstream via skin layers

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Simple Herbal Infusion

Now that the gardens are in full bloom here
are two methods for making infused oils.

1. Put the flowers or herbs of your choice
in a large pan with a lid. Add half their
volume of a good quality odorless vegetable oil.
Heat the pan with the lid on to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
At this temperature the cells containing the odoriferous
molecules burst and these are taken up by the oil.
Strain and then bottle the oil.
These infused oils can be used on their own as
a massage or bath oil or as a base for another product.

2.pack a jar tightly with your flowers or herbs.
Cover with vegetable oil. Seal jar tightly and put
outside in the sun for a few weeks bringing it in
at night. Strain and bottle the oil.