The many benefits of Lavender essential oil

The Many Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

If you are interested in good health, then lavender essential oil is an important tool to keep in your natural medicine kit. It is one of the most popular oils and can be used neat, which simply means that you do not have to dilute it for use. There are several benefits and uses for this floral oil.

This essential oil works well as a natural bug repellent and is safe to use around children. You simply need to apply a small bit of the oil to your pulse points to help keep mosquitoes and midges at bay. Should you get bitten by any type of bug, you can put a drop of lavender on a band-aid and apply to the bite. Not only will it reduce the pain and irritation, any associated swelling will subside.

If you have trouble sleeping, try adding lavender essential oil to a relaxing bath just before bed. If you bathe in the morning, you can put a few drops of the oil on your pillow just before bed. The fragrant oil will help your body to stay relaxed and is a common natural treatment for insomnia.

Due to the relaxing effects that come with inhalation of lavender, it is also a useful tool in the arsenal against anxiety. Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder sometimes carry around a small bottle of lavender for direct inhalation when a panic-inducing event occurs.

In fact, it is a very useful medication for a variety of nervous system disorders. The fragrance is calming for those who are experiencing nervous tension and emotional stress related to a particular event. For those suffering from debilitating depression, it can be a useful form of therapy to support other natural treatments.

Additionally, those who have physical pains related to nervous system disorders can use lavender for treatment. If you suffer from migraines or intense headaches regularly, try using lavender the next time one strikes. It will help you to relax and regulate your heart rate.

Pain associated with muscular cramps responds well to lavender treatments. You can mix some in with a carrier oil and massage into your aches and pains. It will help to relieve tension in your back and limbs. Consider adding some peppermint essential oil for even greater pain relief.

Because it helps to regulate your heart rate and blood pressure, lavender oil can be useful in treating mild hypertension. Using it in an aromatherapy diffuser will allow you to receive a regulated supply of the oil throughout the day. This will keep you relaxed and your blood oxygenated.

The oil will boost your immune system and improve your digestion. If you have an upset stomach, add a few drops of the oil to a warm water bath and place a washcloth in it. Wring out the cloth and lay it over your stomach to reduce indigestion, flatulence and diarrhea.

It is a great addition to any skin care routine. You can add the oil to your astringent or your moisturizer. Either way, it will help to keep your skin smooth and soft. The antibacterial agents in it will attack acne breakouts without harming the surrounding skin.

Patients with alopecia can increase hair growth by massaging a small amount into the scalp. Everyone can benefit from the hair softening effects that it has. It is also a natural treatment against head lice.

These are the primary health benefits of lavender essential oil. As you can see, it is a powerful ingredient in many natural health care treatments that you should always have around.

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